Questions? We thought you might...



What size properties do you manage?

We have demand for properties of all sizes. Three to six bedroom houses tend to work out best for sharers, but do try us, we’re happy to help.

It’s December and my property is empty. Do you take on properties during the usual quiet periods?

Absolutely. We have constant demand for accommodation. Your property will never sit empty if we’ve got anything to do with it.


What kind of contract do you use?

We provide a bespoke commercial agreement between you and us. This essentially makes Caledonia Lettings® your sole tenant for the contract term (usually 3-5 years) and allows us to manage the property on your behalf.

Our tenants then sign a standard AST agreement, typically 12 months with a six month break clause, however they almost always extend their contract with us.

Will you start paying me rent before you've found tenants?

Yes of course. We are your tenant so we pay you rent every month whether the property is occupied or not. We have a constant demand for rooms though, so your property will be a fully occupied happy home in no time.

What happens if Caledonia Lettings® goes out of business?

Obviously we don’t ever foresee this happening, but it’s an understandable concern.

To ensure your investment is safe, we have included clauses in the contracts so that should we go out of business, the rent that the tenants in your property have been paying us will revert to you directly. Also their deposits will remain in DPS in case of unpaid rent or damage.

Our Tenants. 

Where do you find your young, professional tenants?

Paul and John, the Directors of Caledonia Lettings® worked in Engineering for ten years prior to venturing into Property Management, and as such have built relationships with many Engineering and Finance companies who approach them to find accommodation for their employees.

We also advertise our rooms online, and have a high rate of referrals from our current tenants.

Rest assured - every tenant no matter who, is thoroughly referenced by our third party referencing company in line with right to rent regulations.

How do you ensure all of your tenants get along? 

Good question! Over and above the usual referencing procedures, we meet every tenant in person and make sure we are happy that they are a suitable match to the other tenants.

We also heavily involve existing tenants in the process of finding someone new, which our tenants love!

When a new tenant moves in, we put on one of our infamous “beer and pizza night” social evenings. The Caledonia crew turn up with food, liquid refreshments and our impeccable sense of humour and make sure everyone is getting along perfectly. 

What if someone moves out? 

It’s then our responsibility to find somebody new who will fit well with existing tenants. Even if there is a void period, we still pay you the full rent on time every month.

Are your tenants not all students and party animals? 

Absolutely not! Although it is a common question.

All of our tenants are professionals in their mid-late 20’s and 30’s. We only allow one tenant per room too.

Do have a look at our testimonials from Landlords and Tenants alike for further piece of mind.

Property Management & Maintenance.

How does your maintenance process work?

Just as a standard tenancy, you as the Landlord will be financially responsible for the usual things.

As we are managing your property however, we’ve got the logistics sorted. We have a maintenance man to keep on top of basic upkeep, we’ll always provide you with a quote before any work starts, and we’ll provide the access so you aren’t put out.

What about wear and tear?

We can almost guarantee that after three years of your property being managed by us, it will be in a significantly better condition that if you used an estate agent. This is because of our weekly cleaning and strict inspection and maintenance policy. Often we’ll even carry out small upgrades (with your permission of course) at the start of the tenancy. Who else does that?

What if a tenant causes damage? 

We really hope this doesn’t happen, however as we are in effect your tenant, any damaged caused is covered by us. In the instance of a problem not caused by the tenant (such as central heating problems) we will call you and help to organise the repair.


When do you pay me the rent? 

We are your tenant so pay you directly, on time, every month. 

Surely there must be some hidden charges?

Nope, none. The service we provide to Landlords is absolutely free. We make our money from being able to charge a slight premium to our tenants for providing top-spec rooms, inclusive of all bills and wifi. We even deliver washing powder, toilet roll and everything else that our tenants usually share, to keep them happy.

Do you pay a deposit?

Not usually. However we take a deposit from every tenant which is registered with DPS so you are protected.

What if a tenant pays late? 

You still get paid, every month on time from us. It’s our problem. This is an extremely rare occurrence though, as our tenants are all hand picked and love us!

Sounds good right?