The Caledonia Crew

Paul Conway_2.png

Paul Conway
Owner & Co-Founder

Scottish born Paul started his career in Engineering in 2003, where he developed great project management skills and a dream to start his own business in property one day. He started Caledonia Lettings® & Caledonia Developments® alongside business partner John Piper in 2013 and the rest is history...

Paul is a keen fitness enthusiast, is known for his somewhat crazy nights out on the town, and also went through a bit of a weird artisan water collecting phase...


John Piper_2.png

John Piper
Owner & Co-Founder

John's story is pretty much the same as Paul's - he's a bloody good Scottish lad who started out in the world of Engineering before venturing in to property alongside Paul. 

John can be found tinkering with old car engines in his spare time, and has been known to drive across the barren expanses of far Eastern Europe in a clacked out Citroen Saxo. 

John is famous for having the most beautiful curls in Great Britain. 


Builders Pic Placeholder_2.png

Our Building Crew - The Irish Contingent

Headed up by 'rig the chin-ups Paddy' these guys help us breathe new life into our homes with fierce intensity, and a level of sportiness the likes of which we've never seen. We wouldn't know what to do without these guys, they really do make us look good. 



The Caribbean Contingent.png

Our Building Crew - The Caribbean Contingent

Meet Maverick & Andre - the other half of our building crew who also make us look incredibly good with their amazing refurbishment skills. These guys have been with us from the very beginning, and we love them, not just 'cause of their ability to turn their hands to anything, but also because they bring the chat and the most infectious smiles ever!